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What SoftServ Does For Its Customers

  • Business Process Review
  •  - existing software use, matching software to process, budgets, etc.
  • Software Provider Selection Process
  •  - requirements, supplier sourcing, demonstrations, product selection, etc.

  • Supply & Installation
  •  - quotation, order processing, installation & configuration

  • Implementation
  •  - training users, go-live assistance, report writing, etc.

  • Support
  •  - annual telephone support, on-site maintenance visits, annual licence renewals, etc.


What Does It Cost?

The initial telephone consultancy is free (up to 1 hour).

On-line presentations and subsequent, qualified on-site demonstration from any of our partners* are also free.  If you then place an order for any of our partners*, the supply, installation, implementation, training, report writing and support will be included as specified in the quotation you accept.

If you wish to instruct Softserv to conduct a selection process for providers other than our business partners then we will quote fees to yourself based on you brief.

*Our Partners

Sage, Eque2, Ibex-TN4, Smith Cooper, Datel, Eventura, Opus-UK, Alex Johnson